Interior Pricing

Shades are made to fit your exact window opening size. The price grids below are only reflecting pricing closest to your desired exact sizes…….

If you are specifying an ‘inside the sill’ mount, we will make the necessary deductions to allow room for the mounting hardware(1-1/8” overall, or 5/8” space on each side). If you are mounting ‘outside of a sill’, please specify the width you wish the fabric to be, and remember the hardware will add an additional 1-1/8” for bracket room. We suggest you add at least 4” overall for width, and 5” overall for height for an outside sill mount, to ensure maximum coverage and prevent any ‘light leakage’….

Please note that UPS shipping charges must be added to each order.Shade will have a standard steel rectangular bottom bar in either white or black.

An upgraded round extruded aluminum bar is available in white, black, or silver for $1.50 per linear foot of width.

2000 Series Pricing

Series 2000 grid


2100 Series Pricing

2100 grid

3000 Series Pricing

3000 grid