Measuring Guide

We’ll be posting helpful guides here to get you started.

Measuring Guide

1. Determine whether you want your shade to be installed inside of a window sill, or outside the sill. For inside sill application, you will need a sill depth of at least 2”. We will make the necessary deductions to accommodate the mounting hardware. Make sure that there are no obstructions, like window cranks. If there are, you should opt to mount outside the sill. If you choose to mount outside the sill, we suggest that you measure the glass area, then add 4” to the width, and 5” to the height to ensure total coverage. Please keep in mind that this will increase your square footage, and consequently your price.

2. Using a steel tape, measure the width first. If this is an inside mount, do this at the topmost point of the window. The smallest fraction we can accept is 1/8”.

3. Next measure the height.

4. Indicate whether you want your chain on the left or right. Chains are available in color-coordinated plastic bead, nickel-plated steel, or stainless steel. Exterior shades will automatically have stainless steel chains.

5. Determine the height you wish the chain to be. This must be at least half the total height of the shade.

6. That’s it. When all of these determinations are made, you are ready to proceed with your order….

tape measure